Working from home – Frequently asked questions answered by our service desk

Petra Kupiainen
20.04.2020 | Petra Kupiainen


Numerous businesses have had to change the way they work in recent weeks. Valtti’s Service Desk has been busy helping our clients through the transition and answering questions about, for example, working from home. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers that we hope will keep things running smoothly during the crisis.

What tools do we need for our people to be able to work from home?

As a rule, every employee needs at least internet access and a laptop that can be used for work purposes. You also need to set up a VPN for your business and create user profiles for your employees. We can help with the software installation process. If your employees do not have access to your VPN, they can also log into your internal systems using Okta Identity Cloud. Naturally, you also need an efficient teamwork tool, such as Microsoft Teams or Google G Suite.

How do I access my employer’s intranet from home?

To log into your employer’s secure network, you need access to your employer’s VPN and either a user profile or an Office 365 account, depending on how your employer has configured the network.

How do I know whether I am running the latest versions of software?

Make sure that you are connected to your employer’s VPN whenever you are working. This gives your computer access to all the automatic updates that your employer’s IT department has signed up for. Running the latest software also helps to keep your computer safe.

How do I keep my computer safe?

Keep your software up to date and your computer free of any unnecessary programs. Only use trusted and secure internet connections. Never give out your passwords or share your accounts with others. Watch out for phishing e-mails and always let your employer know if you think that your computer may have been compromised. Do not click on random links in e-mails or share work-related information with strangers.

How do I use Microsoft Teams?

You can use Microsoft Teams on your laptop or your smartphone. It lets you communicate remotely with both your colleagues and your clients. The most important features of Microsoft Teams include chat channels, remote meetings, file sharing between teams and online calling. The latest additions include, among others, private channels for specific groups of users within an organisation, background blurring for video conferences and chats with users from other organisations.

Please note that Microsoft Teams will soon replace Skype for Business. Some of the features of Microsoft Teams may not work properly if you are running Microsoft Teams and Skype at the same time (if, for example, Skype has been integrated into your employer’s telephone system).

I cannot connect to Microsoft Teams. What should I do?

An unusually high number of people are working from home at the moment, and the spike in demand is also affecting the availability of Microsoft services. Microsoft has an efficient troubleshooting mechanism, but there may still be some interruptions in connectivity. If you cannot access Microsoft Teams, always first check your internet connection and then try restarting your computer. Alternatively, you can always contact our Service Desk.

How should I back up my work?

Removed from the safety of an office, many mobile solutions and popular cloud services have no backup feature. Avoid saving files on your hard drive and use cloud-based storage solutions instead.

For more information about Office 365 cloud storage, contact our Sales team. We are currently offering a three-month free trial on Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite backup for small businesses (with up to 30 employees). (The service is called Nexetic, and you can find out more about the free trial by contacting our Sales team!)