What is Jelastic?

Heikki Lavanko
05.10.2016 | Heikki Lavanko


Jelastic features more and more often in conversations relating to software development and cloud services.

But what exactly is Jelastic? And what can it be used for?

In a nutshell: Jelastic is a cloud service platform that provides a wide range of functionalities for producing versatile cloud capacity. Jelastic is suitable for clients of all sizes, from consumers to major corporations.

Jelastic is a container-based Platform as a Service (PaaS), which is also capable of producing traditional IaaS capacity. Jelastic’s PaaS functionalities are designed to provide developers with a coding platform that enables high availability, automatic resource scalability, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Save time with familiar tools and easy deployment

Jelastic makes developing online applications easy and quick. Setting up traditional virtual servers is also straightforward. Jelastic is a flexible tool for producing cloud service components for online applications and making them easily accessible to everyone.

Jelastic supports Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Python, and Docker®. Application servers typically run on widely used managed services, such as Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, and IIS. The platform service instances are compatible with CentOS and Windows Server operating systems.

Jelastic eliminates most of the steps involved in setting up a platform and leaves developers free to concentrate on their own code. Availability management and updates are part of the service, and they are the responsibility of the Jelastic service provider.

Jelastic is managed using straightforward, modern tools. Logical graphic and command line interfaces, centralised SSH tunnelling, and open-source REST API platforms enable developers to work more efficiently. There is no need to worry about infrastructure configuration, hardware, or server hugging. Time-to-market accelerates, and all tools are at developers’ own fingertips.


  • is a fully managed coding platform for all kinds of users,
  • enables freely configurable computing capacity resources and automatic vertical and horizontal scaling,
  • is flexibly priced – you only pay for what you use,
  • supports familiar tools and technologies, such as GIT/SVN, Maven, and REST API,
  • is user-friendly and easy to manage (e.g. self-service portal, SSH, SFTP, CLI Client, and REST API),
  • is always supplied on an ongoing basis,
  • is supplied from multiple high-availability server rooms,
  • enables flexible payments – supports PayPal prepaid and paper and electronic billing in arrears,
  • is risk-free – free trial and fast deployment,
  • provides a secure environment with micro-segmented firewall instances in each service component, and
  • enables easy monitoring of capacity utilisation levels and costs.

Jelastic was founded in Ukraine in 2011 and has grown rapidly ever since. The company’s current headquarters are in Palo Alto. Its business, however, is based on support from local service providers. DataCenter Finland is Jelastic’s service provider in Finland. Jelastic solutions purchased through us are produced in Finland, in DataCenter’s own server rooms in the Helsinki region.