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New name, new identity – specialising in business-critical IT services

Atte Kekkonen
10.09.2019 | Atte Kekkonen

A company changing its name can easily be seen as a gimmick unless it can give solid reasons for the change. We at Valtti Kumppanit can. The most important surely is the fact that the company has changed dramatically in the just over 10 years that we have been in business. Our original name – DataCenter – no longer reflects what we do. We still have our two data centres, but our business has expanded so that we now cover all IT services that growing and evolving companies need to stay in business every day.

For me, the name change is very easy to justify. We have not been simply a supplier of IT infrastructure for a long time but have become a comprehensive IT service provider. Our biggest shareholder has also advocated for a new name that better describes what we are about. 

Our new name is based on our new identity. We knew from the start that our new name had to be Finnish. We wanted to make it clear to our clients that we are a Finnish company and that we provide services locally.

Promoting hassle-free IT

What matters the most to us and our clients is the continuous availability of business-critical IT services that guarantee the continuity of business day after day. The fact that our clients have to spend money on IT we can do nothing about. However, there is a lot we can do to make end users’ lives easier and our clients’ IT services more cost-effective. The ability to guarantee user-friendliness, scalability and cost-effectiveness is what makes us the best partner for our clients.

Our clientèle consists of growing and evolving businesses. We understand exactly what our clients need, because we are also looking for growth ourselves. Our prospects are good. We are aiming for 20 per cent net growth in 2019, and we already know that we will exceed our target. We are hoping to multiply our turnover in the next few years.

Successful growth is naturally contingent on highly skilled individuals, of whom we already have around 120 on our payroll. The rapid expansion of our human resources is partially due to recent mergers and acquisitions. Keeping everyone on the same page is a challenge. I am thrilled that our new direction and our new ethos have been so well received across the organisation. For example, the Aerion team that joined our ranks in the spring has been on board since day one!

Helping our clients to grow requires impeccable performance from us. I am especially pleased to see that our customer satisfaction ratings have remained high and are in fact improving despite our own growth ambitions. We carry out an in-depth survey among 25 of our clients once every three months. Monitoring customer experience this intensely is rather unusual, but we find the surveys an extremely valuable tool in identifying weaknesses and resisting any temptation to rest on our laurels. While NPS questionnaires merely scratch the surface, our method gives us real information. It is our job to understand our clients’ needs and find the correct solutions.

Our new name has made us even more excited about what the future holds – for us and our clients.

Atte Kekkonen
Author Atte Kekkonen