Junction2016 – WIIDCF? (What’s in it for DataCenter Finland)?

24.11.2016 | Valtti


DataCenter Finland is traditionally known for providing top-notch IaaS-services to traditional business-to-business customers. Our customers are usually trying to get the best out of digitalization. Surprisingly, we are also not immune to the world that is changing around us. We have an ambitious growth strategy and thus we are continuously looking at totally new customer segments and ways to serve our existing customers better. About 1,5 years ago we were thinking about moving up the ladder in our value chain and did not want to step on our software-developing partners toes. Platform as a Service was a natural way to move forward and Jelastic seemed like the absolute best option from a bunch of technologies investigated.


PaaS and CaaS are the digital way of providing CPU and memory to our customers and the transactions can and will be done through the internet. The digital universe allows us to cost-effectively scale our reach to the universe – and beyond. This is one of the reasons we want to have a chat with you, the international attendees of Junction 2016. The other reason is that we are still quite new to PaaS and we really want to hear your comments and be continuously improving our service offering.


We are thrilled to be part of Europe’s biggest hackathon and super excited to get your feedback from the newest member of our family, Jelastic CaaS and PaaS-platform. Be ready to be blown away by the superpowers provided by our modern production-ready multi-container orchestration in the Cloud!


Get free cloud platform for your project from us at the event! Our challenge for the attendees is to utilize Jelastic’s features as smartly and widely as possible. By doing this, the winning team is able to use modern container technology as a service, benefit from the autoscaling and - win a year’s supply of Finnish craft beer designed by the team members.


Even though our names are quite traditional Finnish names: DataCenter Finland (mmm. it’s in English, isn’t it?), Aino, Matti, Heikki and Antti, we do speak English and we are attending Junction2016 to serve and get feedback from you. See you soon in Wanha Satama!

Want to learn more about Jelastic? Read our Beginner's Guide!


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Author Valtti