How can Jelastic be used to genuinely promote business?

Matti Nieminen
26.11.2016 | Matti Nieminen


Jelastic’s advantages as a technical coding platform are undeniable.

Jelastic is an efficient modern PaaS based on container technology, which enables the scaling of computing resources and instances on the fly. It creates an efficient platform for both internet-based services and applications and Docker and server environments.

The above would have already given those who understand technology an idea of all the possibilities presented by Jelastic. Technical details, such as RAM and CPU figures for the cloudlets that measure Jelastic’s computing capacity can be essential information for technophiles.

If you are better versed in business than in technology, you are probably not interested in computing capacity. You will want to know how your chosen technology can boost your profitability or lower your costs, for example.

Here are a few layman’s examples of how Jelastic can bring flexibility to your software development and your entire business (in Finnish).

A powerhouse of flexibility

Jelastic’s advanced automation and fast provisioning enable completely new ways to make use of these technical properties to achieve tangible business benefits.

Let’s take the commissioning of an ERP system, such as Odoo ERP, for an example. The process of setting up the environment, which formerly could take days, can be performed in a few minutes via Jelastic Marketplace. The environment is ready to use straight away, and it can be immediately modified to your needs and prepared for production.

Read about how online e-commerce solution provider Vilkas Group uses Jelastic fore more flexible software development (in Finnish).

A boost to sales

Jelastic also makes an efficient tool for sales. Thanks to the fast provisioning of services and pay-as-you-go billing, businesses can built software for their customers cost-effectively on site and input their customers’ data into the application during the very first visit.

Customers can be given a few weeks’ free trial in the application environment, and a production version can be activated in seconds via the cloud.

Control over surges in demand and a better customer experience

One of Jelastic’s biggest advantages is its scalability. The high degree of automation provides an excellent user experience for the end users of online services.

Here is a tangible example:

One of our customers, a Finnish publishing house, was struggling to deal with the exponential growth of the digital services and materials that they provide to their customers.

The systems behind their services had been built using traditional IT practices. They could not be scaled sufficiently quickly to demand. High user volumes in the mornings in particular made the services run slow and sometimes crash altogether.

The introduction of Jelastic gave the publishing house new tools that helped them to promote digitalisation and improve customer experience.

The publishing house got...

  • A smoother experience thanks to more flexible services,
  • A faster development cycle and a go-to-market strategy for new services,
  • Savings and more resources for the development of new services, and
  • More efficient IT services, not to mention the complete eradication of the problems caused by surges in demand.

Bottom line?

Above all else, Jelastic is an enabler that speeds up business. It has countless potential uses, which turn technical assets into tangible benefits and competitiveness.

Read more about Jelastic and its benefits in our Beginner’s Guide:

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