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Atte Kekkonen
16.05.2019 | Atte Kekkonen

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The person buying IT products and services for an SME is rarely an IT professional. This puts them in a difficult position. In fact, buying IT services in Finland is always a complicated process. Why is this so alarming and what can be done to solve the problem?

There is not a single company in the world that enjoys faffing around with information technology. Companies want to focus on their core business and boosting their performance. IT is boring and tricky, but someone has to take care of it. Someone has to pick the correct IT infrastructure, hardware and key software, such as sales and production systems.

So what do most companies do? They buy one product here and another one there and introduce new solutions little by little so that no-one really understands the big picture. Their IT architecture is like a collection of islands with a few bridges in between. This model is not only expensive but also dangerous in terms of information security.

Some of the problem can be blamed on service providers. Most excel in one area, some know a lot about several. From the perspective of SMEs, however, the market lacks the easiest solution of all: a one-stop shop – and, most importantly, one that is able to explain things in layman's terms.

Suppliers of IT infrastructure are all guilty of focusing on selling their products and not on what their clients need. Some lack the motivation to even try to serve SMEs. The old formula is just too lucrative. Those that try a new approach risk a considerable drop in their profit margins.

And all the while, technology is becoming increasingly complex, information security is demanding more and more attention, and clients’ needs are changing. Employees also expect to have the most sophisticated tools at their disposal.

For example, information security is not something that can just be pasted on top of an existing system in little bits and pieces. Centralisation improves information security considerably. In an ideal world, information security is woven into the very fabric of the company’s information systems – from outsourced infrastructure to systems management and access control.

What SMEs want is a reliable, hassle-free partner. They need to be able to trust that their IT systems are always running as they should. The answer lies in continuous and comprehensive IT services. IT continuity is vital for clients, but few service providers can be bothered to get excited about it.

We at Valtti* have taken note of this huge gap in the Finnish market and decided to bridge it. That is why we are systematically pursuing a new, customer-centred growth strategy to meet the needs of SMEs. And we know what we are doing: we have always provided, for example, support, and information security has always played a key role in our infrastructure services.

We want to be the most comprehensive partner in Finland, a partner that understands all of clients’ requirements and needs – even before they become aware of them themselves. We have been a successful data centre supplier, but now we want to become a top-class IT service provider.

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The article was first published in the online edition of the Tivi information technology journal.

*DataCenter is now called Valtti!

Atte Kekkonen
Author Atte Kekkonen